A New Choice for Customers with Affirm

Delta Vacations is offering customers a new way to pay for travel. With Affirm, you can choose to make easy monthly payments to go on your vacation without having to pay for it all up front.

How Affirm Works:

  • When paying for your travel, select Affirm, provide five simple pieces of information1 and receive a credit decision in seconds.
  • Once approved, you have the option to spread out the cost of your trip over 6, 12 or 18 monthly installments,2 with any interest shown in simple dollars rather than as a hard-to-calculate interest rate.
  • There are no late or hidden fees, so you will never pay a dollar more than you agreed to at checkout.
  • Upon successful completion of your Affirm loan process, let our Delta Vacations Specialist know. We receive the payment information directly from Affirm. You will also receive an email confirmation from Affirm.
  • If you’re unsuccessful obtaining an Affirm loan, you can speak to a Delta Vacations Specialist or call 1-800-800-1504 about other payment options.

For additional information, visit, opens in a new window.


  • Loans are made in partnership with Affirm’s originating bank partner Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.
  • 어펌(Affirm)은 제3자 핀테크 기업입니다. 어펌의 모든 금융 약관이 적용됩니다. 델타 베케이션은 어펌 상품이나 서비스에 대해 책임을 지지 않습니다.
  • 1Affirm only needs five pieces of information for most credit decisions: name, phone number, email address, date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number.
  • 2For example, if the total cost of a vacation is $2,000 that is spread out over 12 months at a 10% APR, you would pay $111.88 per month, for a total of $2111.88.
  • Affirm is not available in Iowa and West Virginia.
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